Joseph Hunchuck P.A. – A Florida General Practice Attorney


 The past few weeks the world has changed. It is now difficult to get all the face to face services you could just days ago. Joseph Hunchuck P.A. is adapting to continue assisting our clients. Through FloridaOnlineAttorney.com we will be providing virtual consultations and assistance in all matters as long as we must. This will be accomplished through email, direct phone conversations, Live Chat through Google and video conferencing powered by the Google DUO.  Please read the following to see how we can assist you in your matters.


It's simple. I am an attorney and member of both the Florida and Washington D.C. Bar. You will get to speak directly to an attorney about your matters while still practicing social distancing.


HOW IT WORKS               

1. Setting an Appointment
        You will first send an email to meeting@floridaonlineattorney.com with a brief description of your matters. We will arrange a consultation method by email, phone, or DUO. Once arranged I will send an invoice for the consultation. 

Consultations will be $50 per hour. If you retain my firm to help with your issues that $50 will be deducted from the overall retainer.

2. Payment

Payment will be done through an online invoice sent to your email through the Square app. Square processes credit cards and payment so you do not have to send that information online. Once payment is received you will get a confirmation of your consultation time.

3. Virtual Consultation
You will not speak to a paralegal or staff. You will speak directly to me, a Florida and Washington DC licensed attorney, through the method of your choice. We will go over   the matters you have. Since Attorneys are not exempt from social distancing, do not be surprised to see a baby running around in the background. I will answer any and all questions you have and we will plan a course of action.

4. Retention
         If you decide to retain Joseph Hunchuck P.A. to help you in your matter we will come to an agreement on a fee schedule online. Any paperwork will be sent through email. Payment according to our agreement will be made through Square.


Simple Wills, Power of Attorney, Deeds               
This is the Elephant in the room. Now is the time to get your affairs in order, even if you are not an “at-risk” person. I will provide drafting services for Wills, Power of Attorney, and Deeds as much as possible online. I will give you the instructions for proper ratification by video conference and provide the virtual notarization. In most cases you will never have to leave your home. Simple wills and power of attorney are obvious, but what about deeds? By changing the Deed to your home to a life estate or adding              an individual, you can make it so the property will pass directly to another and avoid probate. I submit everything to recording so no one has  to go to the Clerk of Court or Comptroller’s office.

Simple Wills


Power of Attorney


Quit Claim Deeds

 $100 + Recording Fees (Typically $25)

Life Estate Deeds

 $200 + Recording Fees (Typically $25)


For advanced or complex estate planning we will be referring our clients to a firm that focuses solely on Estate Planning after consultation.

There are going to be issues with Landlords in these coming weeks and months. Whether you are having trouble paying them, they are threatening eviction, or refusing to repair the property, these issues are going to continue despite what is happening in the world. You need to know your rights and what you should be doing to preserve your property rights and what the landlord can and cannot do.

Real Estate Transactions
They are still happening. Despite the outbreak you can still buy and sell property. I am still providing Title Insurance through the Fund and Old Republic. If you need assistance with a closing or obtaining title insurance, we can still assist. My office will provide a nearly virtual closing process to the best of our ability with minimum contact.

Small Claims and Civil Matters
The Courts may be closed, but these issues are present. Set up a consultation to see what can be done in your case once the courts resume.

Criminal Matters
The Courts are closed and people are stuck in jail. Even if you are released your criminal case is not going away. Set up a consultation to see what can be done if your loved one is detained, or what can be done to assist when the court resumes.


I am aware that offering these services may seem ill timed, but I assure you they are necessary. That’s why I cut out any and all levity and set our consultation rate at half of the normal rate. If you need assistance please schedule a consultation at the email address below. Stay safe.